Welcome to my website! My name is Bruno Lucattelli, I’m a software developer from Brazil with great interest on software engineering, architecture and design. Recently nominated as a SAP Mentor (yay! \o/). I work for companies that uses SAP’s software platform, helping them develop software solutions that extends, complements and empower SAP’s standard functionality. To do so, I coordinate with other software developers from different platforms. As a programmer, most of my work relies on the ABAP language, not just as a script for small changes as some people still believe, but as a solid programming language that allows powerful software solutions for business.

Here I write about several topics on software development. One of the reasons why I do it is because I also believe that software engineers should write. You can also download my presentations decks and watch my video talks too. I also run the #SITBRASIL channel on YouTube, recording, editing and publishing many talks from SAP Inside Track and SAP FORUM events here in Brazil. And yes, I believe that software is today’s shortest path to changing people’s lives. If you agree with me, let’s connect on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Content is King! So I keep the layout of this site as simple as possible (some people may even call it ugly) in order to focus on content only. Like this site claims, sometimes there’s just too much design going on. Also, I intentionally removed all information about posts publishing date and time, because realtime is a trap and the past is underrated.